Within 5 years, the preferred way consumers access content will be entirely different


The experience of scrolling through hundreds of choices tends to be overwhelming and cumbersome.  At any given moment, hundreds of shows/movies may exist that would effectively match a viewer’s unique profile and current sentiment.  Often that person fails to find just one.  Behind the scenes, creators are limited to produce movies and television so as to appeal to less than a dozen viewer profiles.

Rather than searching for something to watch, it will find you


By 2020, the average consumer will be paying fees to at least 8 different streaming services. What if they still can’t find something to watch? Is it on Netlix? Or AT&T/ Time Warner? What about Comcast/ Universal? Or Disney/ Fox? Maybe it’s on Amazon? Hulu? CBS All Access? At Fiction Riot, we built a fundamentally different way for viewers to access content. And with no effort, you don’t need to go anywhere to watch something. It comes to you.

A new golden age of Hollywood & Tech has begun where audience choice and creator freedom have become the standard by which everything else is measured.